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Board Member 

Kimmie Kidd-Booker

Director of Publicity

Lynn Venhaus

Board Member 

Janet Wheatley


Mark Lull


Lisa Rosenstock

Vice-President& Director of Community Outreach

Lisa Fensterman

ARTS FOR LIFE Founder & Director Emeritus

Lucinda Gyurci

Board of Directors

Director of Community Resources, TRG Secretary

Kim Klick

​​​ARTS FOR LIFE is committed to giving back to the community in which it thrives and interacts.  So many people give of themselves, so unselfishly, to foster cooperation, goodwill, friendship, and fellowship within community theater associations. 

Board Member 

Warren Frank

Director of Community Recognition, TRG Chairperson

David Wicks Jr

Board Member 

Rev. Shug Goodlow

Theatre Mask Awards Secretary

Keaton Treece


Mary McCreight

Theatre Mask Awards Chairperson

Melissa Boyer