Now in it's 8th year

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Following the recent Best Performance Awards for community musical theatre, celebrating fifteen consecutive years of recognizing outstanding achievements in musical theatre in the Bi-State area, ARTS FOR LIFE is pleased to announce it will sponsor the Theatre Mask Awards—an event to recognize outstanding achievements in non-musical productions by community theatre groups. Awards for these productions will be presented in the first quarter of the following year at a celebration dinner/dance sponsored by ARTS FOR LIFE. 

Theatre groups within a 35 mile radius of Clayton, Missouri who hold open auditions for non-paid actors are invited to participate. For a play to be eligible for the Theatre Mask Awards, a member (or members) from the theatre group must actively serve on the Theatre Mask Awards steering committee.  Additional volunteers from the community are welcome to join the steering committee.  This steering committee will choose the venue for the Theatre Mask Awards event, manage funds to create the event, and decide the format for the program. The trophy design, categories, and initial criteria will be charged to the inaugural steering committee. Type your paragraph here.