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ARTS FOR LIFE is a local not-for-profit Arts organization dedicated to the healing power of the Arts through its work with youth, the underserved and the community.  

St. Louis is an amazing city, especially for the Arts. There are over sixty theater companies at home here, a third of which are community theater. As we watch music education and theatre programs rapidly die in our schools, the need to keep community theatre alive is more important now, than ever. ARTS FOR LIFE, with the goal of “Making A Dramatic Difference”, is passionate about the healing power of the performing arts, and is proud to salute, support, and serve the theatre groups in the Metro-St. Louis area. ARTS FOR LIFE is dedicated to promoting public awareness of local community theatre, encouraging excellence in the arts, and acknowledging the incredible people who are a part of it. ARTS FOR LIFE is also committed to supporting charitable programs in helping children, the under-served, and the community. 

Each year, ARTS FOR LIFE conducts, The Best Performance Awards for community musical theater and the Theatre Mask Awards for community plays. These events recognize the incredible talent we have in St. Louis community theater, and honor the passion and dedication of those who build this amazing and unique theatrical community.  

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